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Serum No 5 polish, cuticle serum, and nail vinyls review

Hello my lovely lacquernistias! Today I have a post from the lovely Serum No 5! I have had the pleasure of meeting the creator of Serum No 5, Victoria, twice in the last year. Both times were at an event during Cosmoprof here in Vegas. This year I was fortunate enough to try lots of new things from Serum No 5 and I am going to share those things with you today! The only thing I do not have a review of from the picture below is the white tea ginger lime scrub. I can tell you however, that it smells delicious! :-) Let's get to it!

Serum No 5 is turning two! To celebrate this amazing anniversary, Victoria created a fun and unique polish called "Another year, let's cheer!' that will be released on July 24th! It showcases glitters that are in the same colors as the brands logo, such as white, gray, black, peach and mint. It also glows a blueish green in the dark, which is something Serum No 5 has become known for. Also included in this gorgeous fun polish, as if it could get ANY better, is a light holo dust that really makes it sparkle! I really love this polish. I think it is perfect for an anniversary polish and I love how it is all things Serum No 5 in one bottle. Formula on this one is great. Plenty of glitter coverage and no need to fish for any of them. Dry time was great on this as well. I used two coats with HK Girl by Glisten & Glow top coat for my pictures. I only used two coats because I like the way this polish looks in just two coats. If you want more coverage though, you could easily dab on a third coat to get it closer to full glitter coverage.

(Indoor Light Box)

(Indoor Light Box Macro)

(Glow Shot)

Next up is a polish that screams my name just when looking at the bottle. "Just Add Water" is a ocean water blue shimmery jelly with various shapes and sizes of holo blue and holo green glitters, as well as various shapes and sizes of white glitters. This of course says Mermaid to me, so once again, all things mermaid, I'm in love with. I am so glad I received this beautiful polish. Formula and dry time were perfect on this one. I used three coats with HK Girl by Glisten & Glow top coat for my pictures. 

(Indoor Light Box)

(Indoor Light Box Macro)

Lastly for the polishes in this post is a highly interesting and unique polish called "Flashing Lights". This polish is so crazy awesome! It is a silver shimmery top coat that has a little extra flare. When applied on a bare nail without a top coat the polish looks like this:

(Indoor Light Box)

But when you take this baby into the dark and turn on a flash it gets CRAZY! I have never seen anything like this polish. It actually reflects the light back and makes it look so amazing! It is suggested to use without a base color or a top coat for maximum reflectiveness. The formula and dry time on this are great just like other Serum polishes. I used three coats without top coat for my pictures.

(In The Dark With Flash)

Next up is another something new coming to Serum No 5 and that is Cut It Out Vinyls! Victoria will be offering different designs which include the themes Anchors Away (whales, crabs), Life's A Beach (dolphin, palm trees), Lovely Magic (Unicorn, stars), Queen Bee (bees, hives) and Under The Sea (mermaids, seahorses). I received the Lovely Magic set, but I think I'm gonna need the Under The Sea set as well. :-) Nail vinyls make nail art so much quicker and easier. Especially if you want designs on your nails but you're short on time. These nail vinyls from Serum are great! They can be used in a variety of different ways. You can use them as nail stickers and leave them on your nail covered with top coat, you can use them as stencils for your whole nail, or you can take the cut out pieces and arrange them however you want to on your nails, paint over them and remove them. I used the last technique with these stars this time. The nail vinyls stick really well to the nail. If using them as stickers that are going to stay on your nails I believe they will stick and stay perfectly. I had to really tug on a few of these to take them off. :-) I'll walk you through what I did with these vinyls in the pictures below.

I tried really hard to take pictures of the whole sheet so you could see all of the designs. this proved a little harder than I expected, but I hope you can see them. Now for the walk through on how to use them.

Here I am showing a full nail stencil on the left, and showing the cut out stars to use as stickers or paint over them and remove them on the right.

I chose to place the stars on my nails over a gradient so that I could remove them. Make sure your base is completely dry before doing this or the stencils will pull up your base color. I suggest using a quick dry top coat over your base and letting that dry completely before placing the nail vinyls.

I then painted black over them

I then removed the stars (Which I think I need a tad more practice on, or sharper tweezers lol) as quickly as possible before the black dried.

I did this to all of my nails to create this look :-)

I really like this look. This look could also be achieved using the full nail stencil. You would just paint your base color as black, top coat it and let it dry completely, then place the full nail stencil on your nail and sponge your gradient on. I really like these nail vinyls and will definitely need to visit her site for the Under The Sea ones.

The last thing for this post today is Serum No 5 cuticle serum. Now, I am obsessed with cuticle oils and cremes and I live in the desert, so I am constantly applying them all day long. I love this applicator because I know I can throw it in my purse and not have to worry about it opening and leaking every where. Plus the applicator is so nice to be able to just brush on where you need it. This serum doesn't have a scent listed on it, and I'm kind of bad at describing scents, but this one smells really citrus like. Very refreshing. It also seems to soak in fairly quickly, but not so quickly that it isn't able to sit for a little bit to absorb all the nutrients your cuticles need. The ingredients for this serum are as follows: Jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and essential oils. I love it! I cannot comment on what it does specifically for dry rough cuticles, because as I stated, I use all kinds of oils and cremes all day long and my cuticles are not in bad shape. 

I really hope you enjoyed todays post with all of the amazing things from Serum No 5. Don't forget the Anniversary polish "Another year, let's cheer" and the cut it out nail vinyls will be available in the serum shop here on July 24th at 12pm cst. Be sure you are following Serum No 5 on Facebook and instagram @serumno5 for all news and updates on all of the amazing things they have to offer. Anything in this post catch your eye? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. Please follow via GFC or subscribe via email if you'd like to see more of my posts! Until next time, happy polishing!
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