Friday, November 15, 2013

Sea Lore Polish Villainous Vanessa & Utterly Ursula

Oh boy!! Today I have for you two beautiful polishes from the wonderful Sea Lore Polish! This set is sold as a duo in Jamie's shop for $20 in full size only. I had to have this duo for more than one reason.... First, because Sea Lore Polishes have never disappointed me and two, because I need any and all things Little Mermaid... It's an addiction that I just can't help. Almost as bad as my polish addiction lol. So of course when you put the two together, might as well just take my money lol. So here we go!

First up is Villainous Vanessa. This is a gorgeous purple that has a blue shift to it. It is the perfect base for the second polish in this duo, but it's so pretty on it's own as well as long as you don't mind a little Visible Nail Line (VNL). There are only a few polishes that I own where I don't care that there is VNL because it just works and this one is now in that group. The formula is good. Dry time is average. Shown below is two coats without a topcoat. 

Next up is the amazing glitter topper in this set named Utterly Ursula. This mix has small black, white and purple glitters, as well as black dots and white shreds. Also in this polish is a beautiful purple shimmer!! I absolutely am in love with this glitter topper!! You haven't even heard the best part... It also GLOWS IN THE DARK!! I'm obsessed with glow in the dark too.... I'm starting to see an obsession with a lot of things these days haha. Anyway, the glow is best captured when charged by UV light, but once charged it glows purple! Formula was easy on this one as well. Glitters came out easy and lay flat on the nail. Dry time was average on this as well. Shown below is two coats of Utterly Ursula over two coats of Villainous Vanessa with a top coat.

(Check out that shimmer baby!)

(Glow shot, charged in sunlight)

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