Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ninja Polish Glamorous & Shillelagh

     Hello, hello my beautiful polish lovers. Today on the blog for you I have two more gorgeous polishes from Ninja Polish called 'Glamorous' and 'Shillelagh'. Two absolutely beautiful polishes if you ask me. I have recently fallen in love with ninja polishes and I am sooo happy that I have. Formulas on both of these were perfect! You hear that.... PERFECT!! So without any further delay... here's the swatches.

     First up we have 'Glamorous' which is an amazing blueish purple holo that rivals with OPI's 'Glamour'. I do not personally own 'Glamour' but I have seen many of side by side swatches and videos to conclude that they are definitely amazing dupes! 'Glamourous' is currently out of stock on ninjapolish.com  but it is worth the wait for a restock. Trust me! This polish has a great dry time as well, which I love, because I'm super impatient when it comes to waiting for polish to dry. In these pictures I did two coats of 'Glamourous' and added a top coat of Seche Vite.... which I don't suggest Seche for you top coat as it is known to dull the holo in most holo polishes. I forgot this until after I put it on, but you can still see amazing holo from the bottle as well. :-)

(Blurred Slightly to show more of the holo)

      Next up we have 'Shillelagh' which is an amazing green to gold shifting polish. This color floored me in the bottle alone! When I looked in my bag at all the Ninja Polishes this is the first one I grabbed and about died! Let me tell you, that amazing feeling I had about it in the bottle, was made a million times better when I put this beauty on. Amazing formula, great dry time on this one as well, and I did two coats of 'Shillelagh' alone with a top coat of seche vite. 

(Sun shot showing shimmer)

(Shade shot showing gold shift)

(And another sun shot just because its gorgeous!)

    So that's it for my Ninja Polish swatches! Make sure you check out Ninja Polish on Facebook here and on Instagram here and of course make sure you check out their shop at http://www.ninjapolish.com for all your Ninja Polish needs as well as a wide variety of other brands that they offer. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Island Girl Neon Collection

This is a repost of my very first blog post: please continue through my blog to see more recent posts as well :-)

Well, my first blog post.... finally lol.. I have wanted to start a nail blog for quite some time now but I never actually got around to starting one. I'm going to try to have one post a week, but I do have a two year old who may make that difficult from time to time, so I'm going to do my best. So let's get this fun started!! :-)

For my first post I decided to swatch the Island Girl neon collection because it is almost summer time and these colors are just so bright and fun!! In all of my pictures I did four coats of the polish by itself on my pointer and middle finger, and then two coats of the polish over one generous coat of white on my ring and pinkie fingers. It may be hard to tell a difference in some of the pics other than the VNL (visible nail line) that you might spot on some of them, but the white underneath these colors really makes them so much more vibrant, plus it uses less of the polish and who doesn't love saving amazing colors right?? 

First up is this bright pink!! No name to it, as with any of these polishes because when you buy the island girl sets the polishes are nameless. I love pink! And this polish is no exception. Its so bright and perfect for summer!! This one really brightens up with white underneath as you can see on my ring and pinkie fingers. There was slight balding and dragging with this though, but a generous two coats will smooth everything out. This picture is with no topcoat.

Next up is this bright green. I am fairly sure that this is my favorite out of all five. Its just SUPER bright, and that is amazing. Again slight balding and dragging with this but two generous coats fixed it. Four coats of the polish on its own on my pointer and middle finger, and two coats over one generous coat of white on my ring and pinkies. Also with no topcoat.

Next we have the bright yellow. again this color is so bright!! I tried to capture the brightness as best I could but my camera just would not pick it up like I wanted. This was the best I could get without it looking pastel... weird camera lol. Its SO much brighter than this in person though! Dragging and slight balding on this one too, but two generous coats fixed it on this color as well. Four coats on its own on my pointer and middle finger, two coats over a generous coat of white on my ring and pinkie, no topcoat.

Next is the neon orange. This picture photographed BEAUTIFULLY!! This is exactly what this color looks like on the nail and I LOVE IT!! Slight dragging and balding again but two generous coats fixed the problem. Four coats on its own on my pointer and middle finger and two coats over a generous coat of white on my ring and pinkie fingers. Also no topcoat on this one.

This next one is a neon purple... I know it looks a little more pink... again my camera wasn't wanting to pick up the true color of this gorgeous polish so I have for you two pictures to kind of give you a better idea of what this color actually is. Unfortunately its not 100% perfect, the color in real life is slighter darker and looks a great deal more purple than pink. This is the only one out of the five that I didn't have an issue with dragging or balding. This is probably my second favorite of the group. This one I used three coats on its own on my pointer and middle finger because it seemed to cover a lot better than the others. Still two coats over one generous coat of white on my ring and pinkie fingers though, and again no topcoat.

All in all I give a big thumbs up to this collection and recommend layering these bright beauties over white to use less of your neon polishes and to eliminate any VNL. Hope you enjoyed my first blog post! Like I said before I'll try to get one post a week up, but don't hold me to it :) Follow me on Instagram if you'd like to see swatches and nail art that I may not post here.... its @polishednshined and feel free to follow me via GFC here to see more of my blog posts to come and feel free to leave any comments below!! Thanks again!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ninja Polish Amethyst Dreams, Passion Shift & Enter the Dragon

       Hi there! Life has been kinda hectic and crazy around here, but I am finally able to get another post up. This one may end up a little long, but thats because I have a story to tell first! :) About a week in a half ago I had the pleasure of meeting a handful of amazing bloggers and indie makers while they were here for Cosmoprof in Las Vegas. One of those amazing people was Rhonni of Ninja Polish, who is so sweet and amazingly generous. I went to this little get together just to meet Jamie of Sealore Polish and to buy a few more of her gorgeous polishes. I was not expecting anything other than meeting a few people. 
      I am so new to this blogging thing that I was even feeling a little out of place when I first got there being among all of these amazing, well known ladies. That all was pushed out the window when Rhonni came to me asking for all of my info and after writing it all down for her she left and came back with an amazing bag of goodies. I was absolutely floored to receive this because like I said, I'm basically a nobody among all these ladies and only went to meet people. This goodie bag was filled with polish, nail care essentials, & lots of yummy candy. Here is a picture of all the goodies I received from Rhonni.

    As you can see it's a whole lot of amazing! I have now gone from zero Ninja Polishes to five in one generous gift. I also received firsts from Serum No 5, Dandy Nails, and Red Dog Designs. I'm super excited about the textured neon polish from Red Dog Designs. I'll have that in a later post! So the moral of this story is that I feel truly blessed to have received this gift bag, and with that being said.... Onto the polish!!

       First up I have 'Amethyst Dreams'. This polish is so gorgeous! It's a deep purple with a beautiful shimmer. Shown here is two coats, with a top coat. The formula on this was great! Dry time was also fairly quick. This is a new color to be released soon! 

                                       (Indoors In the shade)

                                                 (In The Sun)

                              (One more indoors in the shade)

       Next up I have 'Enter The Dragon' which will also be releasing soon! This is a multi-colored glitter topper that I feel looks best over a dark undie. In my picture I have one coat over black with top coat. The glitters in this seem to me to shift colors in the sun. It's super pretty. Formula on this one was good and dry time was quick.

                                                  (In the sun)

                                               (In the shade)

                                        (Blurred to show sparkle in sun)

      Lastly for today I have 'Passion Shift' which is also set to release soon. This one was my favorite of this post. 'Passion Shift' shifts from purple to blue inside and in the shade and bursts with holo gorgeousness in the sunlight! Absolutely beautiful no matter where you are!  This is two coats on it's own with top coat. Application is great! You could probably even get away with one generous coat, but I used two thin coats for these pictures. Dry time is good on this as well.

                                   (Holo goodness in the sun)

                             (showing the color shift indoors)

     Again, I am so very thankful to Rhonni for this gift bag and I have officially become a HUGE fan of Ninja Polish! The formulas are so amazing, and the colors are so beautiful. If you haven't had a chance to check out Ninja Polish you can do so here and make sure you check them out on facebook as well here. If you've made it this far down, thanks for reading!! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sealore Polish Ariel, Attina, & Seafetti

      Happy Monday Dolls!! Tonight I have for you three polishes from the ever amazing Sealore Polish! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jamie, the creator of Sealore Polish recently and she is as amazing and beautiful as her creations! Sealore's polishes are $10 for full size 15ml and $5.50 for mini's 7.5ml. Her mini's are also slightly bigger than most mini's sold by other indies, which I LOVE! 
      So today I have for you Ariel and Attina from her Triton's Daughters set and also a limited edition (no longer available) polish Seafetti. Without waiting any longer, onto the swatches!

    First up we have Ariel. This is the very first polish I ever purchased from Sealore because I am OBSESSED with all things little mermaid and this is the BEST Ariel polish I had seen, so naturally... I had to have it :) I do not regret that purchase what so ever! Ariel is described as a "Bright turquoise jelly base with red squares, purple hexes, green glitter, and green shimmer". The formula for Ariel was very nice. I didn't have trouble fishing for glitters, nor did I have any problem with being able to smooth out the glitters with top coat. For all my pictures I used two coats of Ariel over a subtle mint gradient and applied one coat of seche vite top coat.

(Ariel in the shade)

(Ariel indoors)

(Ariel Sunlight)

(Macro of Ariel)

I did a little nail art with her as well, here is two thick coats of Ariel over two coats of white

      Next up from the Triton's Daughter's collection is Attina. Attina is described as "A coral jelly polish with a golden shimmer and golden iridescent flakies". This polish is a polish that would look amazing over almost any color you put it over. Its absolutely gorgeous!! Formula was great on this one as well. For my photos I did two coats of Attina over three coats of Sinful Colors "Easy Going" and topped with one coat of seche vite top coat.

(Attina in the shade)

(Attina indoors)

(Attina Macro in the sun)

     Lastly for today I have Seafetti. Seafetti was a polish created by Sealore to help celebrate their one year anniversary! It was a limited edition polish that is now unfortunately sold out, but I wanted to share it with you anyway because I love it, and it GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! Seafetti is described as "A sparkling sea blue jelly that glows blue in the dark, with various shades of green and blue matte glitter, iridescent glitter and blue holo hexes". This polish is so pretty and I'm really happy I decided to buy it. Formula with this one was the same as all of Jamie's polishes that I've used so far, perfect! For my pictures I used three coats of Seafetti on its own with a coat of seche vite top coat to smooth everything out.

(Seafetti indoors)

(Seafetti glowing in the dark)

(Macro of Seafetti in the sun)

      If you haven't purchased from Sealore Polish before you can do so here and make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram @sealorepolish to keep up to date with restocks and new polishes. Hope you enjoyed this post lovies!! Be sure to subscribe and follow if you haven't already. Have a great week!!