Friday, August 16, 2013

Sea Lore Polish Popping Parrotfish & Jumping Jellyfish

    Hello my loves! Today on the blog I have for you two beautiful polishes from one of my favorite indie brands Sea lore polish. I own quite a few Sea lore polishes now and that's because they are fabulous! So on the agenda today is "Popping Parrotfish" and "Jumping Jellyfish". Both of these polishes are from her Spring Seas Collection. So, here we go!

     First we have "Popping Parrotfish". This polish has a mint creme base with a lot of different types and colors of glitters, including a green shimmer as well. I have recently (within the past few months) fallen in love with mint polishes. When I saw this baby, I knew I had to have it! The formula and application of this was great. I used three coats for my pictures with a top coat. When I use this again I will layer it over a mint polish so it wouldn't need that many. I like to save as much of my indies as I possibly can so I layer when at all possible :) 


            (Macro in the sun to show shimmer)

       Next up we have "Jumping Jellyfish". This is a beautiful blue jelly with small circle and hex glitters. It also has blue micro flakies which are really pretty!! In my photos I did two coats of "Jumping Jellyfish" on it's own with a top coat. Normally I layer Jellies over a similar base color, but I wanted to show what it looks like on it's own for a better idea of the color and opacity. Application was easy as pie and even though in my macro shot it looks like the circle glitters on top of each other are sticking up, they aren't. Top coat smooths this polish out super easy. I love it!



            (Macro shot to show the glitters)

           Once again, Sea Lore Polish does not disappoint. I love all things aquatic so this line is fabulous to me seeing how all her polishes are based off that. :) Make sure you check out the Sea Lore shop here and follow them on Instagram and Facebook as well for all of the updates, restocks, and new lines :) I hope you enjoyed this post!!