Friday, December 20, 2013

Dashing Housewife Polish New Years Collection

Hello my dears!! I have another awesome collection from Dashing Housewife Polish to share with you today. This time it is her New Years collection. New Years, which is fast approaching might I add... man, where did 2013 go?!?! Anyway, you do not want to miss out on this post! So lets get to the polish!!

Bottle shot of the entire collection

So first up in the collection we have "Holiday Collaboration" which is a beige colored base with orange, brown, and gold holo glitters, as well as some teal glitters. I used two generous coats of this polish with top coat. Formula and dry time on this one were good. The color itself didn't appeal too much to me... I think it just doesn't play well with my skin tone. 

(Light box lighting)

Next up in this collection is "Meet Me On The Dance Floor" which is a white crelly base with various shapes and sizes of pink, blue, and green neon glitters. While a white based polish with neon glitters has been done before I still REALLY love this polish. Lets face it... why wouldn't you? And who doesn't want to buy all the neon glitter polishes? Formula and dry time were good on this one as well. For my pictures I did two coats with top coat. I love the way this looks with a little VNL showing which is why I only did two coats. 

(Light box lighting)

Next on this list is a fun glitter topper called "Ball Drop" and its made up of a subtle silver shimmer and packed with gold and silver holo glitters in different shapes and sizes. Glitter toppers are fun because you can pair them with so many different base color options. I paired it with China Glaze "Tongue And Chic". I used one dabbed coat of "Ball Drop" with top coat over it. Formula and dry time were also good with this one, but I did have to do some fishing for those holo dots. I think mini bottles make this harder, but I never mind having to fish for gorgeous glitters. :-)

(Light box lighting)

Next up is "Ten Minutes To Midnight" (TMTM) which is a dark purple jelly base with silver and silver holo glitters throughout. This polish is absolutely gorgeous! It is easily my second favorite out of the entire collection. That being said, the formula was a little on the thicker side and the dry time was a little longer than average. The end result of this though makes me not even worry that it didn't play as nice. I used three coats of TMTM plus top coat for my pictures.

(Light box lighting)

Following with the purple and silver trend, next we have "Party Like It's 1999" which is another glitter topper. This polish is made up of different shapes and sizes of purple, black, and silver holo glitters, including holo dots :-) Out of the two glitter toppers in this collection, this one is my favorite. Something just gets me when it comes to purple, silver, and black together. I just love it. I used one coat over three coats of OPI "Don't Burst My Bubble" and added a top coat. Formula and dry time were both good on this one as well.

(Light box lighting)

Lastly, I have my favorite out of the entire collection. Let me just tell you I absolutely saved the best for last. This is "Kiss Me At Midnight" (KMAM) which is a tealish blue jelly base with green blue shifting shimmer. It also has black and silver holo glitters, including silver holo hearts. I died when I put this on my nails! The depth of this polish is amazing and I absolutely will be purchasing a full size bottle of this gorgeous baby! The silver hearts were really the only thing that gave me trouble with this polish, as fishing them out of a mini bottle was a challenge. The formula otherwise on this one is good though. Not quite as thick as TMTM and the dry time seemed to be a little better than TMTM too. I used three coats with top coat for my pictures.

(Light box lighting)

So there you have it my lovely readers!! A New Years collection worth talking about in my opinion. My two faves were definitely KMAM and TMTM *note* every time I type TMTM my brain automatically wants to type TMNT because I'm a total 80s baby and love me some Turtles lol. If you buy only two polishes from this collection it should be those if you like jellies :-) If you'd like to purchase from Dashing Housewife Polish, she does have this collection listed in her etsy shop now, and you can find that here. Make sure to also follow on Instagram @dashing_housewifepolish and Facebook for shop updates on restocks and new colors. As always, if you enjoyed this post please feel free to follow via GFC or email, and leave me some love in the comments below and let me know what your favorites from this collection are. Also, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram @polishednshined, and Twitter @polishednshined as well! Thanks for reading my dears!! <3

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Daphine Polish Blue Spruce And Rudolph's Nose

Hello my dears. Today I have for you another fairly new indie brand called Daphine Polish. I'll be showing off two of her pretty polishes, called Blue Spruce and Rudolph's Nose from her holiday collection. So, let's get started.

First up we have Blue Spruce which is a really pretty pine green polish with a little bit of holo added in for that extra sparkle. I really liked the color of this polish. Its obviously a perfect holiday green and that holo in the sun makes this polish even prettier. I had to use three coats of this polish to get it opaque and not have any holes showing. I did the third coat a little thicker than the first two just to make sure everything was covered. Nothing that would ever make me not use this polish ever again though. Its just too pretty to worry about that, because other than that, the formula was good and easy to work with and dry time was average. 

(Lightbox lighting)


Next up is Rudolph's Nose, which is a glitter topper that has red metallic, matte, and holo glitters, with a touch of green iridescent glitters that make this glitter topper pop! I really liked this polish because of those awesome green iridescent glitters. Formula was easy to work with and the glitters were well distributed on my nails. This topper I think would work so well over many different colors. I just used one coat of Rudolph's Nose over Blue Spruce because I love red and green together and it just makes it seem festive :-)

(Lightbox lighting)

(natural lighting)

(These two were natural lighting as well with different angles to show the green iridescent glitters a little better)

I enjoyed these polishes from Joanne very much. Other than the needing of three coats for Blue Spruce, (I wish I would have done two thicker coats) I think they're perfect. You can purchase these polishes and other gorgeous beauties from Joanne's shop on etsy here and make sure that you follow on Facebook as well as on instagram @daphinepolish for updates and new releases. Hope you enjoyed this post. :-) Goodnight loves!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Polish TBH Holiday 2013 Collection

Hello loves!! I am on a roll with blog posts this week for once! lol I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I absolutely LOVE the holidays and I get SUPER excited over holiday polish! :) Today's post is no exception. I have the Holiday 2013 collection from Polish TBH to share with you today. There's 6 polishes in this collection and one of them is a glitter topper so this post will have LOTS of pics. So let's go!

First up is "Gingerbread House", a gingerbread brown crelly with different shapes and sizes of purple, green, and white glitters, small metallic brown hexes, and even red hearts. This amazing polish also has a golden shimmer that makes it sparkle :) Formula is great and easy to work with. A little fishing for the red hearts, but I've found this to be normal for these types of glitters anyway, so no big deal. Dry time was normal for this as well. My pictures are two coats with top coat.

(Taken with flash to try and show the gold shimmer)

(Indoor light box)

(Macro indoor lighting)

Next up is "Sugar Plum Fairy", a cranberry base polish with gold micro flakies. I love this one so much that I bought a full size backup. Formula was great, and dry time was also good. Shown here is three coats, but I easily could have gotten away with two. I also added top coat for my pictures as well.

(Indoor light box)

(Macro indoor light box)

Next up is an awesome polish that dries to a matte finish, and comes alive when a top coat is applied. This is "Polar Express", a navy blue base with gold micro glitters. I love this one with or without a top coat. Formula was what I've come to love from Polish TBH, great! It is a matte polish though so it dries quicker than most other polishes. So with this one I recommend a thicker first coat and to let that first coat dry completely before applying the second coat to smooth everything out. Shown here is two coats with and without top coat.

(Without top coat, indoor light box)

(With top coat, indoor light box)

Next up is a fun glitter topper called "Shelf Elf". The versatility of this glitter is awesome, as you can see from a few of the swatches I did with it. This topper is made up of different shapes and sizes of white, red, and iridescent glitters. Formula was good with a good dry time. My pictures are shown with one dabbed coat over various colors, with top coat.

(One dabbed coat over Wet N Wild "2% Milk")

(Jelly sandwhich with Wet N Wild "2% Milk")

(One dabbed coat over China Glaze "This Is Tree-Mendous")

(One dabbed coat over NOPI "What's The Mitch-Uation?")

(One dabbed coat over Polish TBH "Blue Balls")

Next up is "Blue Balls", a light silvery blue polish with a slight holo. This was another that I had to have a full size backup of. The formula was good and dry time was also good. Shown here is two coats with top coat.

(Indoor light box)

(Outdoor sunlight)

Lastly is my favorite of the six, "Reindeer Vomit (scented)" the scent is Christmas Tree. When I heard that, I was expecting a pine tree kind of smell but it's not that AT ALL... It's actually a kind of sweet smell, and I'm horrible at describing smells, but I will tell you... It smells good! Haha. This was also another that I bought full size back up of. This is a green jelly base packed with lots of different shapes, sizes, and colors of glitters. Including stars and large red hexes. I absolutely love this one! I have become obsessed with green jellies this holiday season and have to stop myself from buying them all. Formula is good and the dry time is average for a jelly polish. A little fishing is needed for the bigger glitters, just like most polishes with bigger glitters. Turning the bottle upside down for a few mins before use helps. Also, I used a paper clip to scrape the sides and mix up the glitters a little more.
Shown here is three coats with top coat.

(Indoor light box)

(Outdoor sunlight)

(Macro outdoor in sunlight)

So all in all, I really enjoyed this collection. Polish TBH never disappoints with me. If you have not purchased any of Chrissy's polishes you are truly missing out. If you would like to purchase any Polish TBH, you can do so here Also, be sure to follow on Instagram @polishtbh and Facebook for shop updates, sales, new polishes and more!! If you enjoyed this post, make sure to follow via GFC or email, and follow me on Instagram as well @polishednshined. Thanks loves!! <3

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Laquerlicious Winter 2013 And New Years Polishes

Hello my beautiful readers. I feel so blessed and honored to be able to bring you this blog post today. A couple weeks ago a fairly big time indie maker was looking for new bloggers to swatch some of her amazing polishes for her. I saw the posts from a few different people on IG and didn't respond right away because my first thought was, "She's a big deal, and has some amazing people who already swatch for her, I've probably got NO chance to help her out." The day passed on though, and around 10pm, my friend Chrissy of Polish TBH tagged me in Michelle's post. Again, I doubted myself in contacting her since I was sure, by now that she had filled her request, but then I decided, "heck, lets just do it and see what happens. I'll never get anywhere if I don't try. Besides, what's the worst she could tell me? 'No, sorry. I found all the people I needed, but thanks anyway.'?" So I contacted her, and here I sit with a blog post I never thought I'd get. :-) So thank you Michelle for giving me a chance, and I hope I did your polishes justice. <3

First up I have for you "Mittens or Gloves?" and let me just tell you that these pictures do this polish NO JUSTICE! This polish is absolutely so gorgeous in person! Let me just also tell you that purple/pink/red polishes will be the death of me as a swatcher. They are SO hard to capture in a light box haha. So I did my best. This gorgeous fuchsia shimmer polish has blue and gold square holo glitter and small black glitter as well. Formula on this was great with a good dry time. Shown here is two coats with top coat.

Next up is "Shoveled Snow". Umm, hello gorgeous! I really, really, REALLY liked this polish. There's so much shimmer and sparkle with this that just doesn't translate in my picture, but I absolutely love it! "Shoveled Snow" is a blue shimmer base polish with teal, pink, blue and green holo and micro glitters. Formula on this was good, I didn't let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat and that made it more difficult for me. So make sure to let each coat dry completely to avoid dragging. The dry time on this is good... I was just impatient because it was sooo pretty!! I just wanted it done RIGHT NOW!! lol Shown here is two coats with two coats of top coat to smooth every thing out. 

The last polish from the Winter 2013 collection I have for you is "All Bundled Up". Can I just say I am head over heels for this polish. Dark purple polish is gorgeous when its sparkly and this one is just that, with a slight shimmer and blue, silver and purple micro glitters. The formula on this one is good as well with a good dry time. Shown here is two coats with top coat.

Now for two of the New Years polishes!! The first I have for you is "Out With The Old". This is hands down my absolute FAVORITE of the five polishes I received for review. When I opened my package and saw this baby in the bottle I almost died. It is so pretty and sparkles like you wouldn't believe. All the holo glitters in this are amazing. This glitter bomb is PACKED with charcoal and silver holo glitters, as well as scattered blue and pink circle and star holo glitters. Make sure to turn your bottle upside down with this one for about 10 mins before use to aid in retrieving those bigger circles and stars. I had no troubles with getting them out that way, and the formula of the polish as a whole is perfect! Dry time on this is great as well. Shown below is one dabbed coat over Sally Hansen "Black Heart" with a top coat.

Lastly I have for you another New Years glitter topper called "Bottle of Bubbly". This one also sparkles so beautifully due to being packed with gold and silver holo glitters in all shapes and sizes, including circles and stars. Again, turning your bottle upside down will aid in the retrieval of the bigger glitters. Other than that the formula and dry times are the same as the other four polishes, perfect! Shown here is one dabbed coat over Wet N Wild "Under Your Spell" with top coat.

So that wraps up my very special, to me, blog post. I hope you enjoyed the swatches and review. If you'd like to purchase from Laquerlicious you can visit her shop here where she has a 40% off sale going on until midnight tonight with the code 40OFF. The code is not valid with Polish for Pit Bull polishes though. Also make sure you check out Laquerlicious on instagram @creativenailchick and be sure to go like her Facebook page as well for shop updates and sales!! As always, make sure to follow via GFC or email if you like my blog and feel free to leave me comments below! Love you guys!!

Dashing Housewife Polish Christmas Cheer Collection

Hello loves! Today I have a fairly new indie polish line to share with you. Its called Dashing Housewife Polish and today I am going to show you her Christmas Cheer collection. Decided since its December 1st, now would be the perfect time to share so you'll have plenty of time to order yours and still be able to use them for beautiful Holiday manis. So, let's get started.

First up is "Frost Bite". This is one of my favorites from this collection. "Frost Bite" is a frosty blue polish with purple shimmer and blue, silver, and purple holo glitters. The formula on this was great with easy application and a fairly quick dry time. Shown here is three thin coats with top coat.

Next in this collection is "Minter Wonderland", which is a very pretty mint green shimmer polish with two different sized white hex glitters. I took two pictures of this beauty to try and capture the shimmer a little bit better. Application on this polish was great as well with a fairly quick dry time. The only thing I had issues with was getting the bigger hexes out so I turned the bottle upside down for a bit to fetch those :) Shown here is two coats with top coat.

Next up is "Snow is Glistening" which is a white shimmer polish with iridescent shards and squares and different sized holo square glitters. Again, easy application with a good dry time. I love how delicate and pretty this polish is. Definitely reminds me of snow, which we don't see here in Vegas. I'll definitely be reaching for this one all year round :-) Shown here is two in a half coats with top coat.

Next we have my favorite from this collection, "Frosted Cookies". This polish is so fun and pretty, makes me want to eat my own fingers ;-) A white shimmer base with teal, bright pink, and silver holo glitters. Formula on this one was perfect with easy application and a good dry time. I may need to get myself a full size of this polish because I could definitely see myself wearing this one a lot as well. Shown here is two coats with top coat.

Next I have a fun Holiday glitter topper to show you called "Under The Mistletoe". This polish is packed with lots of fun shapes and varieties of glitters. Including, neon green, red and green glitters, and also red hearts!! Wouldn't you love to be wearing this beautiful polish this holiday season while kissing that someone special under the mistletoe? ;-) Shown here is one dabbed coat over OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" with a top coat. Application was great as well, with a good dry time. Make sure to turn your bottle upside down before using this polish to make getting those bigger glitters like the hearts and red circles a little more easy. :-)

Moving onto another gorgeous polish, we have "Baby Its Cold Outside", a blue with purple shimmer polish. This one surprised me. I ended up really liking this on my nails and the shimmer in person is SO gorgeous. Again, I tried to take two pictures to capture the gorgeous shimmer, but it was difficult to do. Easy application with a good dry time. Shown here is three coats with top coat.

Hello there beautiful!! This was another favorite of mine, and if you've read my other blog posts, you should already know why.... and that's because I LOVE PINK!! This beauty is called "Santa Baby" and its a pink micro glitter polish with hints of silver as well. Application was awesome as well as the dry time. Shown here is three coats with top coat. This is a must for all you pink lovers!!

Last, but not least, we have another very gorgeous glitter topper called "Holiday Cheermiester". This fun glitter topper is packed with various shapes and sizes of green and silver glitters, including holo circles. I love this topper as it could be worn over multiple colors for the holidays. Application was easy and just as the other polishes had a good dry time as well. The only problem I had was getting the green circles out of this mini bottle. This was also before I learned the paper clip trick to scrape glitters off of the sides of the bottles too. However, having said that, I would have liked to see more of those little green circles in this bottle regardless. Even turning it upside down didn't help me here. Having said all that though, I do still really love it. Here I have one dabbed coat over an unnamed color club red, with a top coat. 

So, what did you guys think of these pretty Holiday themed polishes from Dashing Housewife Polish? I am very impressed with the formulas on all of these. I also really love the fact that I can wear most of these all year round and not just for the holidays. If you enjoyed this post and are interested in purchasing from Dashing Housewife Polish, you can visit her shop here. Also, make sure you check her out on Instagram and go like her Facebook page as well for shop updates, swatches and even sales! As always, leave me comments below of what you thought of these pretties, and if you enjoyed it, make sure to follow via GFC or email as well. Love you guys!!