Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Polish TBH Holiday 2013 Collection

Hello loves!! I am on a roll with blog posts this week for once! lol I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I absolutely LOVE the holidays and I get SUPER excited over holiday polish! :) Today's post is no exception. I have the Holiday 2013 collection from Polish TBH to share with you today. There's 6 polishes in this collection and one of them is a glitter topper so this post will have LOTS of pics. So let's go!

First up is "Gingerbread House", a gingerbread brown crelly with different shapes and sizes of purple, green, and white glitters, small metallic brown hexes, and even red hearts. This amazing polish also has a golden shimmer that makes it sparkle :) Formula is great and easy to work with. A little fishing for the red hearts, but I've found this to be normal for these types of glitters anyway, so no big deal. Dry time was normal for this as well. My pictures are two coats with top coat.

(Taken with flash to try and show the gold shimmer)

(Indoor light box)

(Macro indoor lighting)

Next up is "Sugar Plum Fairy", a cranberry base polish with gold micro flakies. I love this one so much that I bought a full size backup. Formula was great, and dry time was also good. Shown here is three coats, but I easily could have gotten away with two. I also added top coat for my pictures as well.

(Indoor light box)

(Macro indoor light box)

Next up is an awesome polish that dries to a matte finish, and comes alive when a top coat is applied. This is "Polar Express", a navy blue base with gold micro glitters. I love this one with or without a top coat. Formula was what I've come to love from Polish TBH, great! It is a matte polish though so it dries quicker than most other polishes. So with this one I recommend a thicker first coat and to let that first coat dry completely before applying the second coat to smooth everything out. Shown here is two coats with and without top coat.

(Without top coat, indoor light box)

(With top coat, indoor light box)

Next up is a fun glitter topper called "Shelf Elf". The versatility of this glitter is awesome, as you can see from a few of the swatches I did with it. This topper is made up of different shapes and sizes of white, red, and iridescent glitters. Formula was good with a good dry time. My pictures are shown with one dabbed coat over various colors, with top coat.

(One dabbed coat over Wet N Wild "2% Milk")

(Jelly sandwhich with Wet N Wild "2% Milk")

(One dabbed coat over China Glaze "This Is Tree-Mendous")

(One dabbed coat over NOPI "What's The Mitch-Uation?")

(One dabbed coat over Polish TBH "Blue Balls")

Next up is "Blue Balls", a light silvery blue polish with a slight holo. This was another that I had to have a full size backup of. The formula was good and dry time was also good. Shown here is two coats with top coat.

(Indoor light box)

(Outdoor sunlight)

Lastly is my favorite of the six, "Reindeer Vomit (scented)" the scent is Christmas Tree. When I heard that, I was expecting a pine tree kind of smell but it's not that AT ALL... It's actually a kind of sweet smell, and I'm horrible at describing smells, but I will tell you... It smells good! Haha. This was also another that I bought full size back up of. This is a green jelly base packed with lots of different shapes, sizes, and colors of glitters. Including stars and large red hexes. I absolutely love this one! I have become obsessed with green jellies this holiday season and have to stop myself from buying them all. Formula is good and the dry time is average for a jelly polish. A little fishing is needed for the bigger glitters, just like most polishes with bigger glitters. Turning the bottle upside down for a few mins before use helps. Also, I used a paper clip to scrape the sides and mix up the glitters a little more.
Shown here is three coats with top coat.

(Indoor light box)

(Outdoor sunlight)

(Macro outdoor in sunlight)

So all in all, I really enjoyed this collection. Polish TBH never disappoints with me. If you have not purchased any of Chrissy's polishes you are truly missing out. If you would like to purchase any Polish TBH, you can do so here Also, be sure to follow on Instagram @polishtbh and Facebook for shop updates, sales, new polishes and more!! If you enjoyed this post, make sure to follow via GFC or email, and follow me on Instagram as well @polishednshined. Thanks loves!! <3

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