Sunday, December 1, 2013

Laquerlicious Winter 2013 And New Years Polishes

Hello my beautiful readers. I feel so blessed and honored to be able to bring you this blog post today. A couple weeks ago a fairly big time indie maker was looking for new bloggers to swatch some of her amazing polishes for her. I saw the posts from a few different people on IG and didn't respond right away because my first thought was, "She's a big deal, and has some amazing people who already swatch for her, I've probably got NO chance to help her out." The day passed on though, and around 10pm, my friend Chrissy of Polish TBH tagged me in Michelle's post. Again, I doubted myself in contacting her since I was sure, by now that she had filled her request, but then I decided, "heck, lets just do it and see what happens. I'll never get anywhere if I don't try. Besides, what's the worst she could tell me? 'No, sorry. I found all the people I needed, but thanks anyway.'?" So I contacted her, and here I sit with a blog post I never thought I'd get. :-) So thank you Michelle for giving me a chance, and I hope I did your polishes justice. <3

First up I have for you "Mittens or Gloves?" and let me just tell you that these pictures do this polish NO JUSTICE! This polish is absolutely so gorgeous in person! Let me just also tell you that purple/pink/red polishes will be the death of me as a swatcher. They are SO hard to capture in a light box haha. So I did my best. This gorgeous fuchsia shimmer polish has blue and gold square holo glitter and small black glitter as well. Formula on this was great with a good dry time. Shown here is two coats with top coat.

Next up is "Shoveled Snow". Umm, hello gorgeous! I really, really, REALLY liked this polish. There's so much shimmer and sparkle with this that just doesn't translate in my picture, but I absolutely love it! "Shoveled Snow" is a blue shimmer base polish with teal, pink, blue and green holo and micro glitters. Formula on this was good, I didn't let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat and that made it more difficult for me. So make sure to let each coat dry completely to avoid dragging. The dry time on this is good... I was just impatient because it was sooo pretty!! I just wanted it done RIGHT NOW!! lol Shown here is two coats with two coats of top coat to smooth every thing out. 

The last polish from the Winter 2013 collection I have for you is "All Bundled Up". Can I just say I am head over heels for this polish. Dark purple polish is gorgeous when its sparkly and this one is just that, with a slight shimmer and blue, silver and purple micro glitters. The formula on this one is good as well with a good dry time. Shown here is two coats with top coat.

Now for two of the New Years polishes!! The first I have for you is "Out With The Old". This is hands down my absolute FAVORITE of the five polishes I received for review. When I opened my package and saw this baby in the bottle I almost died. It is so pretty and sparkles like you wouldn't believe. All the holo glitters in this are amazing. This glitter bomb is PACKED with charcoal and silver holo glitters, as well as scattered blue and pink circle and star holo glitters. Make sure to turn your bottle upside down with this one for about 10 mins before use to aid in retrieving those bigger circles and stars. I had no troubles with getting them out that way, and the formula of the polish as a whole is perfect! Dry time on this is great as well. Shown below is one dabbed coat over Sally Hansen "Black Heart" with a top coat.

Lastly I have for you another New Years glitter topper called "Bottle of Bubbly". This one also sparkles so beautifully due to being packed with gold and silver holo glitters in all shapes and sizes, including circles and stars. Again, turning your bottle upside down will aid in the retrieval of the bigger glitters. Other than that the formula and dry times are the same as the other four polishes, perfect! Shown here is one dabbed coat over Wet N Wild "Under Your Spell" with top coat.

So that wraps up my very special, to me, blog post. I hope you enjoyed the swatches and review. If you'd like to purchase from Laquerlicious you can visit her shop here where she has a 40% off sale going on until midnight tonight with the code 40OFF. The code is not valid with Polish for Pit Bull polishes though. Also make sure you check out Laquerlicious on instagram @creativenailchick and be sure to go like her Facebook page as well for shop updates and sales!! As always, make sure to follow via GFC or email if you like my blog and feel free to leave me comments below! Love you guys!!