Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer St Patrick's Day

Well, now that my giveaway has wrapped up and winners drawn, I figured I would bring you some amazing St Patrick's Day Polishes from Liquid Sky Lacquer!! Now, I'm only about 1/4 Irish, but for some reason, I just absolutely LOVE St Patrick's Day. I'm not sure why exactly, maybe its the greens and the golds that come along with it, including green beer! lol So, when I saw that Carolyn was releasing a St Patty's Collex with plenty of green and gold, I knew I had to jump right in!! With that said, now you can jump on in with me!!

First up is "Kiss Me I'm Irish" which is a gorgeous emerald green to shimmery gold thermal. When this polish is in its cold state, you get the best of both worlds with the gold shining through the green. Carolyn never seems to disappoint when it comes to her thermals, and this one is no exception. Formula and dry time were great, and I love how gorgeous this is in both its cold and warm states. I used three coats with top coat for my pictures.

(Cold State, Indoor Light Box)

(Transition, Indoor Light Box)

(Warm State, Indoor Light Box)

Next up is "Look To The Rainbow", which is a slightly textured green and gold scattered holo with gold dots throughout. This one surprised me. I honestly was not expecting to like this one all that much, but it turns out I really, REALLY do. It is so sparkly in person, and adding a top coat really brings out all of that gorgeous sparkle. I actually like this polish with or without top coat. Formula and dry time are good on this polish as well. For my pictures I used three coats.
(Without Top Coat, Indoor Light Box)

(With Top Coat, Indoor Light Box)

(With Out Top Coat, Blurred To Show Holo)

(Without Top Coat Macro, Indoor Light Box)

Next is "Black Magic Leprechaun" which is a black jelly base polish with different shapes and sizes of green and gold glitters, including green clovers. This polish also has beautiful green to red shifting micro flakies. I love me some flakies, especially in black polishes. I think the black just tends to bring them out much better. Formula on this was good, other than having to do some major fishing for the clovers. Dry time was also good on this, even being a jelly polish. For my pictures, I used three coats plus top coat.

(Indoor Light Box)

(Indoor Light Box)

(Macros Showing The Shift In Flakies)

Lastly is "Luck O' The Irish" which is a glitter topper packed with many different shapes and size of gold and green glitters, including clovers, hexes, squares and dots. I love this glitter topper! The only fishing I had to do was for the clovers and there is plenty of glitter packed into this beautiful topper. Other than a little fishing, the formula on this was good as well as dry time. I used two coats over black with top coat for my pictures.

(Indoor Light Box)

(Macro Indoor Light Box)

I was definitely impressed with this collection. All of the polishes are perfect for St Patrick's Day. Carolyn will re-open her shop this Saturday, March 8th at 2:00pm PST for you to be able to get your hands on these pretties. To visit her shop you can click here Be sure to follow Liquid Sky Lacquer on Instagram @whimsicalcolorFacebook, and twitter @LiquidSkyLacq for all updates and information on re-stocks and new collections! Thanks for reading!!