Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Polish Addict Nail Color High Shine Top Coat Review

Hello my lovelies!! As promised, today I have a little review of Polish Addict Nail Color's (PANC) High Shine Top Coat. I received this top coat in a mini mystery box that I was sent to review and decided to do a seperate blog post for the top coat alone. I put it up against my all time favorite top coat which is HK Girl Top Coat by Glisten And Glow. So to get things started, here is the initial picture I took when I first used both of these top coats on top of my mani.

(Day 1)

I applied PANC top coat to my pointer and middle fingers, and HK Girl top coat to my ring and pinky fingers. As you can see if you look at my middle finger with the chevrons, PANC top coat did smear my nail art a little bit. I made sure to let my chevrons dry for about 10-15 minutes before applying top coat. PANC dries pretty quickly though. Both PANC and HK Girl were dry to the touch in about a minute. That's a huge plus! I'm a stickler for quick dry times. The shine from PANC  is not AS shiny as HK Girl, but it's not less shiny by much. Now for the wear time. The next picture shows my mani on day 6.

(Day 6)

My pointer finger shows a chip, but that happened today on day 6 and I hit my fingers on the kitchen counter while getting into a drawer to cause this and to cause the cracking on my middle finger. Other than that PANC held up very well compared to HK Girl when it comes to wear time. I first noticed tip wear on all fingers about day four and that was with cleaning my house and washing my dogs having my hands in water a lot that day. So not too bad.

Over all I like the dry time and the wear time for PANC. The only problem with it I had was the smearing of nail art. If you are looking for a good top coat to use over just a single polish with no nail art then this top coat would be great to use. This top coat is not available for purchase alone in the Polish Addict shop, but with the purchase of the "Trust Me I'm The Doctor" six piece collection or the "She's A Legend" trio collection it does come for free! You can purchase either of those collections in their shop here. I was also informed by Laura that their sister company (run by Laura's brother) HNA Handcare has it available to purchase alone and you can find their shop here if you're interested in purchasing just the top coat. For more Polish Addict Nail Color updates and info make sure to follow them on Instagram @polishaddictnailcolor and also like their Facebook page here. I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did make sure to follow via GFC or subscribe by email. You can also follow me on all of my social media outlets as well! Thanks for reading! <3
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Polish TBH Parsel Tongue And Pygmy Puff Review

Yay!! More Polish TBH to review for you today!! And yay!! More Harry Potter inspired polishes at that!! Last August Chrissy came out with her first Harry Potter inspired collection that she named the Diagon Alley collection which I just HAD to have!! Yes, I'm a Potterhead and completely proud of it! This Friday, 4/18, she will be taking pre-orders for the six NEW polishes she has added to her Diagon Alley collection. I have two of those polishes to share with you today, so let's get to it!

First up is "Pygmy Puff", which is the PERFECT Barbie pink creme polish in my opinion. I absolutely LOVE this color!! I could not stop staring at my nails when I had this on. This has now become my favorite pink polish. The formula on this one was a tad thick when I first applied it and because of that I added a little thinner to smooth it out. However, I did let Chrissy know this and she assured me that she is changing her base and this will not be a problem when you pre-order them. :-) Dry time on this one was good. I used three coats with top coat for my pictures. I only did three because I needed the third after adding thinner to smooth out some of the dragging I had with the second coat. The dragging ONLY happened because I didn't wait long enough for the first coat to dry and because it needed a touch of thinner. Two coats with thinner added should be all I need with this one from here on out though. It's perfect.... Just look!

(Indoor Light Box)

(Outdoor Sunlight)

Secondly we have "Parsel Tongue", which is a black jelly polish with holo green hexes, silver hexes and scattered micro holo. I am so happy to have this polish in my collection now. Black/dark jellies are such a love of mine and this one is amazing. Almost makes me feel like I'm cheating on my own house of Hufflepuff, but it's totally worth it!! This one was also a little bit thick as well, but a couple drops of thinner fixed it completely and again Chrissy assured me this would not be an issue with the pre-orders. Dry time was average for a jelly polish and I love how nicely it builds up. I used three coats with top coat for my pictures below.

(Outside Sunlight)

(Indoor Light Box)

(Macro Indoor Light Box)

I will be heading to Chrissy's shop on Friday 4/18 to make sure that I pre-order the rest of this collection and you should too! You'll find her shop here. Also make sure you follow her on Instagram @polishtbh and like her Facebook page here to see the rest of this collection and to keep up with all things Polish TBH. Be sure you follow all of my social medias as well!! Thanks for reading everyone!!
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Polish Addict Nail Color Mini Mystery Box Review

Well, I would like to apologize for not being around here much since my giveaway ended. My son has been sick almost the entire time his dad has been deployed so I've been exhausted and frankly just didn't feel up to posting much. But I am back today with a great review for you. Today I'll be reviewing the mini mystery box from Polish Addict Nail Color. The mystery box is offered in mini and full size with the difference being the size polish that you receive. This mini mystery box sells in their shop for $10 and you receive four mini polishes with this box, which could be current colors in the shop, one of a kind (OOAK) or prototypes that never made it into the shop. If there happens to be a holiday around the time you place your order of this box, a goodie bag may also be inside. 
In my mystery box I received "The Prince & The Showgirl", "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", and "Some Like It Hot", all from the She's A Legend Trio, and a "Mystery Polish". I also received a spring goodie bag which included three little bottles of loose glitter, a mini nail buffer, and a mini size of their High Shine Top Coat. I will be doing a separate review for the High Shine Top Coat because I want to give you guys a thorough review for that and not just "Hey, yeah its a super shiny top coat". I want to be able to tell you how it stands up, so be on the look out for that post very soon! So without further adieu, onto the review of the polish!

A Shot Of Everything In My Mystery Box

First up I would like to share with you, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", which is a champagne/nude crelly that has a mix of gold squares, hexes, and stars. I will admit I was a little apprehensive about this polish at first. I wasn't sure the color was for me, or if I would like it, but I have to say, once I put this on I actually REALLY liked it. The formula is great and dry time was good, but I think the uniqueness of this polish is what really made me enjoy it. There's definitely nothing like this in my collection and my collection is outta control lol. I used two coats with top coat in my pictures.

Indoor Light Box

Next up is "Some Like It Hot", which is a sexy brick red matte polish. Did you catch the part where I said this is SEXY?? Oh man!! I am so in love with this polish. Its absolutely gorgeous and if you want even more reason to love it, just add a top coat for an amazing shine that you just can't beat. Formula is perfect and dry time was fast, as with most matte polishes. I think I like this one the most the way it was intended to be worn, which is matte. If you're not big on matte finishes, hey some people aren't and that's okay, then just look at my swatch with top coat and you'll have to have this one too. I used three coats for my pictures, but I easily could have gotten away with two. I've just become slightly obsessed with doing three coats on everything lately and I'm not real sure why lol.

Indoor Light Box Matte (No Top Coat)

Indoor Light Box With Top Coat

Next up is the last of the She's A Legend Trio and that is "The Prince & The Showgirl", which is a medium blue linear holo polish that has a bit of a chrome like finish to it. Um, hello! I love holo, I love this color blue, so yes, I love this polish. It is so gorgeous and formula and dry time are perfect! I used three coats plus top coat for my pictures. Try not to get distracted by the gorgeousness... I still have one more polish to show you.

Indoor Light Box

Outdoors In Shade To Try And Capture The Chrome Like Finish

Outdoor Sun Shot

If you're still with me and haven't died from the gorgeous holo you just saw, next up is the "Mystery Polish" that was included in my box. This was a mauve jelly packed with TONS of glitter. Way too many to even begin to list and tell you every single one lol. I love mystery polishes from PANC because while all of their polishes are unique and fun, the mystery polishes tend to have so much glitter in them... and I'm a glitter freak! lol The formula and dry time on this was great as with all of the polishes I received for review. I used three coats with top coat for my picture below.

Indoor Light Box

Well there you have it. My review of the mini mystery box from Polish Addict Nail Color. I loved all of these polishes, as I usually do when it comes to PANC. Their mystery boxes are a great way to start your PANC collection, but they're also a fantastic way to continue to expand your collection as well. They want to ensure that you don't end up with duplicates so they encourage you to email them a list of polishes that you already own to make sure all polishes you receive are new for you. The customer service of this brand is BEYOND amazing. I've never had a problem with anything when it comes to them. Remember to be on the lookout for my review of the high shine top coat later this week. If you'd like to purchase a mystery box, full size or mini, or you'd like to purchase any of the She's A Legend Trio polishes, you can do so in the PANC shop here Also make sure you are following PANC on Instagram @polishaddictnailcolor or on Facebook for updates, sales, restocks, and more swatches of their amazing polishes. Thanks for reading my loves! And make sure to follow me as well!
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