Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Polish Addict Nail Color High Shine Top Coat Review

Hello my lovelies!! As promised, today I have a little review of Polish Addict Nail Color's (PANC) High Shine Top Coat. I received this top coat in a mini mystery box that I was sent to review and decided to do a seperate blog post for the top coat alone. I put it up against my all time favorite top coat which is HK Girl Top Coat by Glisten And Glow. So to get things started, here is the initial picture I took when I first used both of these top coats on top of my mani.

(Day 1)

I applied PANC top coat to my pointer and middle fingers, and HK Girl top coat to my ring and pinky fingers. As you can see if you look at my middle finger with the chevrons, PANC top coat did smear my nail art a little bit. I made sure to let my chevrons dry for about 10-15 minutes before applying top coat. PANC dries pretty quickly though. Both PANC and HK Girl were dry to the touch in about a minute. That's a huge plus! I'm a stickler for quick dry times. The shine from PANC  is not AS shiny as HK Girl, but it's not less shiny by much. Now for the wear time. The next picture shows my mani on day 6.

(Day 6)

My pointer finger shows a chip, but that happened today on day 6 and I hit my fingers on the kitchen counter while getting into a drawer to cause this and to cause the cracking on my middle finger. Other than that PANC held up very well compared to HK Girl when it comes to wear time. I first noticed tip wear on all fingers about day four and that was with cleaning my house and washing my dogs having my hands in water a lot that day. So not too bad.

Over all I like the dry time and the wear time for PANC. The only problem with it I had was the smearing of nail art. If you are looking for a good top coat to use over just a single polish with no nail art then this top coat would be great to use. This top coat is not available for purchase alone in the Polish Addict shop, but with the purchase of the "Trust Me I'm The Doctor" six piece collection or the "She's A Legend" trio collection it does come for free! You can purchase either of those collections in their shop here. I was also informed by Laura that their sister company (run by Laura's brother) HNA Handcare has it available to purchase alone and you can find their shop here if you're interested in purchasing just the top coat. For more Polish Addict Nail Color updates and info make sure to follow them on Instagram @polishaddictnailcolor and also like their Facebook page here. I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did make sure to follow via GFC or subscribe by email. You can also follow me on all of my social media outlets as well! Thanks for reading! <3
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