Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Giveaway Time!!

Hello my lovelies!! I have finally gotten myself together enough to get a great giveaway put together that I think everyone will love! It is jam packed with great indie polishes as well as some indie bath products. Currently I am still waiting to receive all of the prizes but will post them on Instagram as well as my Facebook page as they come in. Once I receive all of the prizes I will determine what indie products will go in what prize packs and I will post those as well. There will be two winners for this giveaway. One through rafflecopter and one through Instagram. The rules for this giveaway are as follows:
1) Must be 18 years or older unless you have parental consent, which I will need proof of either through a picture of your parent holding a sign saying you may receive the prizes or an instagram video of your parent giving you permission.
2) This giveaway will unfortunately only be for US participants. Eventually, depending on how this one goes, I want to be able to do an international giveaway, but for now, US only or if you have someone with a US mailing address willing to send you the prize then I will send to them for you.
3) Entries can be earned through the rafflecopter widget below. There is also a chance for an entry through instagram as well, so make sure you follow me there @polishednshined for an extra entry opportunity.
4) Please no drama or bullying as that will not be tolerated and if I see it you will be deleted and disqualified from this and future giveaways.
5) Prizes will be sent out as soon as all of the prizes have been received by me and put together to be mailed. I'm hoping that this will only be about a week or so, but I will keep you updated on that through instagram and Facebook.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy this giveaway! The picture below shows all of the awesome indie ladies who have donated to the prizes for this giveaway. The center picture is what I will be contributing to both prize packs which may end up having a few more goodies than shown. Again, I will keep you update with the prizes as they come in. Thanks for being here! I truly appreciate all of the love and support that I receive through this nail community, and I am so grateful to finally be able to give back!

(Not pictured is bath and body by Heather, who is donating bath and body products)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bliss Polish "VIP", "Bottle Service", & "Velvet Rope"

Hello my lovelies!! Today I have for you some gorgeous purple polishes from Bliss Polish. Yvette is the creator of Bliss Polish and February is her birthday month, so in honor of her birthday she created three purple polishes, since amethyst is the birthstone for February. I think she's done an amazing job with these and I can't wait to show you... So let's get to it shall we? :)

First up is "Bottle Service", a GORGEOUS purple jelly with a beautiful mix of purple, lavender, and fuschia glitters. I love the squishyness of this polish. This is probably my favorite of the three. I've become so obsessed with jellies lately and this one is now definitely at the top of my list. Formula and dry time were good. I used three coats with top coat for my pics.

(Light Box Lighting)

(Natural Light Indoors)

(Light Box Macro)

Next up is "VIP" which is a lilac purple with holo lavender, gold, and garnet micro glitters. This one is pretty, but I could not get my pictures to do it justice at all! It's one of those, gotta see it in person polishes. Formula and dry time were good on this one as well. I used three coats with top coat for my pictures. *Note: the macro shot is more color accurate than the four finger swatch*

(Light Box Lighting)

(Light Box Macro)

Lastly in this beautiful purple trio is "Velvet Rope" which is my second favorite out of the three. "Velvet Rope" is a blurple jelly with gorgeous red flakies! I really wish the sun hadn't disappeared here in Vegas for two days because I REALLY wanted to get a sun picture of this polish to see if it would give more credit to those flakies. sadly the sun has been hiding so I did the best I could. If you love flakies, you need this beauty! Formula and dry time were perfect like most polishes from Yvette. I used three coats plus top coat for my pictures.

(Light Box Lighting)

(Outdoors Overcast Lighting)

(Natural Lighting Indoors Macro Shot)

That wraps up this awesome trio! Which one/s are you loving? All three of these polishes will be available in the Bliss Polish shop here on Sunday February 9th at 3pm PST. Make sure to follow Bliss Polish on Instagram @blisspolish, and on Facebook for all updates and swatches for future bliss polishes. I hope you enjoyed this post. As always, don't be afraid to follow via GFC or email!! <3 Please follow all my social media outlets too if you'd like! :) thanks for reading my loves!! <3
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer Valentine's Day Polishes And Just Lucky

Hello lovelies!! Today I have some more cute and beautiful valentine's polishes, plus a Chinese New Year polish as well. :) Today's pretties are from Liquid Sky Lacquer. I'm really enjoying that I have lots of pretty polishes to keep me company for Valentine's Day now since my hubby isn't here with me lol. These babies are unique and beautiful to boot!! So let's get into it shall we? 

First up is Bee Mine which is a white crelly jam packed with lots of glitter in yellow, black and pink, including pink hearts! If you keep up with my blog, you know how I am a sucker for white crelly polishes, so I HAD to have this one. It did not disappoint! The formula on this was great and dry time was good as well. I had to do a little bit of fishing for the hearts, but that's expected with larger glitters. I love the uniqueness of this polish. Carolyn made it a Valentine's Day polish without being your every day, typical Vday polish. I will be reaching for this polish all year because of that. :) I used three coats, with top coat for my picture.

(Light box)

Next up is Butterfly Kisses, which is a holographic based polish with a slight texture that includes pink and silver holographic glitters, as well as holographic butterflies. Whenever I hear butterfly kisses I automatically think about the country song "Butterfly Kisses", and I immediately think of my Dad. I'm very sentimental when it comes to anything that reminds me of him these days and I really wish my parents would move from Alaska sometimes so I could see them both more. Well, when I saw this polish, of course I had to have it because it reminds me of my Dad and being a little girl. This. Polish. Is. SO. Pretty!! So pretty in fact that I needed to take a few pictures of it just to make sure you feel the same way lol. Formula was great and dry time was great as well. Of course, I had to fish my little heart out for those butterflies but I had to have them, so I did it! I layered this polish over China Glaze Seaspray, but I have also seen plenty of swatches of this beauty on it's own that are to die for as well. I used two coats over Seaspray with a top coat.

(Light Box)

(Natural Light Indoors)

(Holoriffic Sun Shots)

Next up is my new favorite thermal polish, 24 Karat Rose. I am so in lalalove with this polish! This beauty is a bright and beautiful rose pink with gold shimmer when cold and when warm it's a beautiful sparkling gold. Can I just wear this polish for the rest of my life? Maybe even have it on my fingers when I'm buried? Lol I love it THAT much! Formula and dry time on this was great as always. I used three coats of 24 Karat Rose on it's own with top coat for my pictures.

(Cold, Outdoors In The Shade)

(In Transition, Outdoors In The Shade)

(Warm, Outdoors In The Shade)

Last but not least is another thermal called Just Lucky, that is just about the same as 24 Karat Rose, except when cold, this beauty is red with gold shimmer. The gold shimmer in this one made my camera pick it up a little more orange than it is in real life, so think a little less orange, a little more red. It's really not TOO far off though. Carolyn created this polish for the Chinese New Year, modeled after the red and gold envelopes that are given for Chinese New Year. Formula and dry time on this were good as well. I used two thick coats with top coat for my pictures here.

(Outdoors In The Shade)

(Transition Outdoors In The Shade)

(Warm, Light Box)

So there you have it! I am so very pleased with all of these polishes, which is usually the case when it comes to Liquid Sky Lacquer. If you would like to purchase from Liquid Sky Lacquer the shop can be found here. Make sure to follow them on instagram @whimsicalcolor and like them on Facebook for updates and lots of swatches. Which one or ones were your favorite from this post? Let me know in the comments below! And please make sure to follow via gfc or email if you enjoyed this post! Also check out my social media as well if you haven't already. Thanks!!
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