Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Daphine Polish Blue Spruce And Rudolph's Nose

Hello my dears. Today I have for you another fairly new indie brand called Daphine Polish. I'll be showing off two of her pretty polishes, called Blue Spruce and Rudolph's Nose from her holiday collection. So, let's get started.

First up we have Blue Spruce which is a really pretty pine green polish with a little bit of holo added in for that extra sparkle. I really liked the color of this polish. Its obviously a perfect holiday green and that holo in the sun makes this polish even prettier. I had to use three coats of this polish to get it opaque and not have any holes showing. I did the third coat a little thicker than the first two just to make sure everything was covered. Nothing that would ever make me not use this polish ever again though. Its just too pretty to worry about that, because other than that, the formula was good and easy to work with and dry time was average. 

(Lightbox lighting)


Next up is Rudolph's Nose, which is a glitter topper that has red metallic, matte, and holo glitters, with a touch of green iridescent glitters that make this glitter topper pop! I really liked this polish because of those awesome green iridescent glitters. Formula was easy to work with and the glitters were well distributed on my nails. This topper I think would work so well over many different colors. I just used one coat of Rudolph's Nose over Blue Spruce because I love red and green together and it just makes it seem festive :-)

(Lightbox lighting)

(natural lighting)

(These two were natural lighting as well with different angles to show the green iridescent glitters a little better)

I enjoyed these polishes from Joanne very much. Other than the needing of three coats for Blue Spruce, (I wish I would have done two thicker coats) I think they're perfect. You can purchase these polishes and other gorgeous beauties from Joanne's shop on etsy here and make sure that you follow on Facebook as well as on instagram @daphinepolish for updates and new releases. Hope you enjoyed this post. :-) Goodnight loves!

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