Sunday, June 30, 2013

Polish TBH Summer Aquarium Collection Part 2

     Hello my friends!! I am soooo sorry that the second part of this review has taken me so long to put up... the past couple have days have just been SO busy in my house!! I am getting up right now though because Polish TBH new shop opens up tomorrow!!! Chrissy is also having a sale to celebrate the grand opening. Save 20% off of your order of $20 or more using the code GRAND20!! So make sure you check it out here tomorrow and get some gorgeous polishes for a GREAT price!! 
    So today I have for you the last color in Polish TBH's new Summer Aquarium Collection called 'Blue Reef' and also a new reformulated 'Stackz' that is now a thermal!! Yes you read right, Chrissy has made us another lovely thermal and this one, like all her others that I have tried is simply AMAZING!! So, with that being said, here we go!!

     First up is 'Blue Reef'. I absolutely love this color. This is the most gorgeous blue jelly I've seen yet. Chrissy describes 'Blue Reef' as "A beautiful jellie filled with blue holo glitter and multiple sizes od iridescent flakies in blue purple and green." The depth of this polish is astounding! The formula was great! I myself did have a slight issue with the iridescent glitters clumping up, but in all honesty I think it was because I was trying to apply to thick of a coat. I did three generous coats with no undies and a seche vite top coat for all of my photos. 

(Blue Reef in the shade)

(Blue Reef in the sun)

(Macro in the shade. Look at the depth! Gorgeous!)

(Macro in the Sun. Shimmah, Shimmah!)

       The last polish I was sent to review is a reformulation of an old color, 'Stackz'. 'Stackz' has been reformulated with different glitters, and has been turned into a thermal polish. How awesome right?? Chrissy describes it as "A deep green jelly filled with micro holographic glitters, green and gold dots, and different sized green and gold glitters. Stackz almost disappears when it heats up on your nail." I have two other of her thermals and as with the other two that I own, 'Stackz' is amazing! It applies so easily and there's no fishing for glitters. It all translates right out of the bottle onto the nail perfectly. I used three thin coats with no undies and seche vite as my top coat for all of my pics. 

 (Stackz cold)



(Macro when cold)

(Macro in transition)

(Macro when warm)

     So that completes my very first swatch and review that I was asked to do ever!! Again I'm so thankful to Chrissy for giving me the opportunity and I hope there's many more opportunities like this in my future! I would recommend all of the polishes that were provided to me for you to purchase.. so make sure you check out Polish TBH shop when it opens tomorrow and don't forget the discount code GRAND20 for 20% off of $20 or more. Also make sure to follow Polish TBH on Instagram @polishtbh and also like her Facebook Page to keep up to date with all things Polish TBH including updates and release dates for all of her beautiful polishes!! Hope you guys enjoyed!! <3

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