Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jindie Nails 'Rave'

     I'm back!! I'm trying to get more posts on here for you guys.... at least those of you who are reading this anyway :-) So today I have for you a beautiful and fun polish from Jindie Nails called 'Rave'. Its is described on Jindie's site as "another great, white crelly (cream/jelly) based polish that has large magenta dots, plus medium magenta dots, medium neon yellow hex, several sizes of neon blue hex and neon green medium hex. This one also has a bright blue gorgeous, sparkly medium, large and small metallic and magenta smaller hexagonal glitters. It applies super easy, no fishing required." That last sentence is so true! I found 'Rave' to be really easy to apply and the dry times were good in between each coat. You also don't need a base for this polish at all because it builds up really well. All my pictures show three coats on its own with Out The Door fast dry top coat applied. I let each layer dry completely before the next coat to keep the glitters from slipping. Since this polish is jam packed with glitters of all shapes and sizes dragging could happen if you don't let it dry completely. Rave can be purchased on www.jindienails.com in mini and full size bottles. Currently she is out of stock of this particular polish, but you can follow her on Instagram @jindienails or like her on Facebook for updates and restock info. Hope you enjoy the swatches :) Very soon I should have a new macro lens so I can take macro shots for you guys in future posts :) Enjoy!!

Shown here is three coats of 'Rave' on its own with Out The Door top coat in the shade

And here its shown with three coats on its own, with Out The Door top coat in the sun :)

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