Saturday, June 15, 2013

Polish TBH 'Island Fantasy'

     Hello again!! I'm getting good at getting these posts up for you guys :-) Today I have for you one of my favorite polishes from one of my favorite indie polish makers Polish TBH who is having a sale right now because she will be moving her shop from etsy to bigcartel very soon. 25% off all weekend just use the code byebyeetsy at checkout :) Chrissy's polishes range anywhere from $8-$12 for full size bottles and $3-$5 for minis. I will update the link to her shop once she switches over. Now, onto the polish!!

    'Island Fantasy' is a fun gorgeous thermal polish. When cold it is a pretty teal color that shifts to a lime green when warm. These two colors together are amazing!! As an added bonus 'Island Fantasy' also has small metallic teal squares and hexes with micro gold flecks that can be seen well in both states. Like all of Chrissy's polishes that I have tried so far, this polish applies really well. The glitter comes out easily and provides great all over coverage. The dry time for this polish was good too. I used three somewhat thin coats of 'Island Fantasy' on its own with top coat for all of my pictures. I highly, HIGHLY suggest you pick up this polish from Polish TBH. You will not regret it!! You may have to wait until she opens her bigcartel shop though because currently this polish is no longer available on her etsy shop. Love it!! Here's the pics!!

Here is 'Island Fantasy' in its cold state

Here is 'Island Fantasy' in transition

Here is 'Island Fantasy' in its warm state

And of course I had to do a macro shot of 'Island Fantasy' while transitioning :-)

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