Monday, September 30, 2013

Polish TBH Thestral & Amortentia

Well my loves, I'm sorry I've been Mia but I have been on vacation. Thought I'd get on my phone and do a blog post. If you're viewing this on a computer I apologize if things look a little out of whack. I haven't figured out how to edit my posts from my phone like I do on the computer, but I will fix it when I get back to my comp. :) today I have two lovelies from Polish TBH's diagon alley collection. Thestral and Amortentia :) read on my dears!

First up is Thestral. I love this polish. It reminds me of her polish "Midnight" but much better in my opinion :) Thestral is a black jelly based polish with lavender, holo, and black hexes along with tons of micro silver glitters as well. This polish was created by her oldest son Mikey and he absolutely nailed it. Formula was great! Two easy coats, no fishing for glitters and it's so squishy! :) Dry time was average and one coat of top coat really pulls it all together. I love, love, LOVE it!! 

Next up is Amortentia! This polish is so delicate and pretty and it's so versatile. It's a glitter topper so the color options are numerous. Here I put one coat of Amortentia over two coats of China Glaze Seaspray. Amortentia has such a pretty glitter combination made up of micro scattered holo, pink, grey and multi sized white glitters. The next time I wear this I'll wear it over a light pink I think :) application on this one was also great, and seeing as this is one coat of Amortentia, glitter distribution is great. The lovely Chrissy will make me go broke I swear! Lol she keeps coming out with amazing polishes and I can't help but feel the need to own them all!! Again, all pictures are one coat of Amortentia over two coats of Seaspray.

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