Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Polish TBH Midnight and Harvest Apple Cuticle Oil

Well my initial goal was to post this two weeks ago as I was traveling to Alaska, but I wasn't feeling well from my first flight so I couldn't bring myself to keep blogging this post. Two weeks later I am now getting back to it. Sorry... I'm trying here lol, so I bring to you today a beautiful jelly polish from Polish TBH as well as her brand new Harvest Apple Cuticle Oil (I die every time I use it lol). So lets do it!

First I will give you a little review on Chrissy's new cuticle oil, in the scent Harvest Apple that is available in her shop now as well as a Good Morning Mocha scent. This Harvest Apple scent smells absolutely amazing. I've been using it for the past three weeks and I love it. I usually get hang nails quite a bit, in the past three weeks I've used it I haven't had a single one. It even helped heal one I had in a matter of a couple days. I love the bottle that it comes in. It makes it super easy to dispense and place one or two drops on each finger without having to use your fingers to rub it in. She may have different bottles for these now as the mocha cuticle oil I received this week came in a mini polish bottle. I carry it with me every where I go and put it on whenever I think about it. Sometimes 5 or 6 times a day. Okay, when it was that many a day it's usually just me putting it on just to smell it haha. Have I mentioned it smells amazing?!? Lol definitely try and get you some of this and even the mocha one because that one too smells AMAZING! Even the small size will last you a good while :) you won't regret it! 

Next up I have a beautiful purple jelly polish, 'Midnight'. This purple jelly is a really dark purple, so dark it's almost black. In it it has different size hexes in blue holo, aqua, and silver. I layered it over a black to give it a little more depth and it really does remind me of a night sky with a bunch of stars. The application was easy and the dry time was actually really good as well. I've found myself to become a bit of a Polish TBH whore now haha and I have almost all of her polishes. This one ranks high on my list of Polish TBH faves. Shown here is one coat of midnight over black with a top coat. Next time I will try this on its own because the swatches I've seen on its own look amazingly squishy haha. Love it!

                                             (Midnight in my light box)

                                                     (Midnight in the Sun)

As with all Polish TBH polishes I've had on my blog, I highly recommend you check them out. The formulas on Chrissy's polishes are just perfection to me. No fishing for glitters, no clumping, streaking or dragging. I just love them. I am pretty sure that I will not use anything other than her cuticle oils now too because they are that awesome to me. So make sure you check out Polish TBH on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on new polishes, sales, and giveaways! Speaking of which, Chrissy is hosting a giveaway now on her facebook page so check it out! Her shop on Big Cartel will re-open on the 15th and it will be restocked :-) 

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