Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bliss Polish Breaking Bad Collection

Hello my beautiful lacquer lovers. Today on the blog for you I have a new indie brand Bliss Polish  and I am lucky enough to be one of her Bliss Babes as she calls us :) So today's swatches are from her Breaking Bad collection that are sold in her store for $8 for a full size. Les Geaux!! (its an LSU Tigers thing ;-P) lol

.:: Credit for collage goes to Yvette of Bliss Polish ::.

First up is Cooking. Cooking is a mustard yellow polish with a subtle gold shimmer and micro holo glitters. The formula on this polish is great, very easy application, but I would definitely recommend base coats to prevent staining. Yes I swatched without a base coat and got some staining from it :-( boo!! That's okay though, lesson learned :-) Now I'm not a big fan of mustard yellow, so when I first put it on myself I didn't really like it color wise for myself. My picture makes it look AMAZING to me though haha. So if you like this kind of color its gorgeous. I'll probably just end up using it in nail art in the future though. Shown here is two coats on its own with top coat added.

Next up is Chemistry. Chemistry is a green polish with the same gold shimmer as Cooking and also the same micro holo glitters. I love green, but I don't have too many greens in my collection. This one is beautiful! Also easy application. Shown here is two coats with top coat added.

Next is Mr. White which is a white crelly type base that has white, grey, and holo hexes, plus some micro holo glitters as well. This polish is crisp and dainty and I love it. The glitters were easily transferred from bottle to nail with no fishing required. This is a bit sheer being a crelly type base so shown here is three coats on its own with top coat. Love it!

Next up is Jesse Pinkman, which is a pink crelly base with hot pink and holo hexes. Yvette lists this as a shimmer polish, but the shimmer looks like micro holo glitters as well. I could be seeing it wrong though lol I did swatch these a day after a Backstreet Boys concert where I met them, so I could still have been in a complete daze lol. None the less!! This is one of my faves of this collection. Also easy application and sheer, so this is three coats with top coat. 

Last but not least..... my fave from this collection, Crystal Blue Persuasion. This polis is just, ugh-may-zing. So pretty! This is also a sheer crelly mix with teal and holo hexes, as well as micro holo glitters. Same great formula as the others and easy application. Shown here is three coats with top coat. Fave!! I mean just look at it... go ahead... LOOK!! lol

Well there you have it my loves. A new, very wonderful, indie brand and you NEED to check them out. Follow @blisspolish on Instagram for all updates and stock info. You can visit their store on storenvy here to purchase these babies for $8 a piece. If you enjoyed these colors, stay tuned for sometime next week probably as I will have a brand new collection from Bliss Polish called the Behind Closed Doors Collection. Excited to share those with you!! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!! 

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