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Polish 'M Sugar Scrub & Hand Butter

Hello readers!! Today's post is a review/heads up of two new products that are coming from Polish 'M! Michelle is the creator of the indie polish brand Polish 'M, which was formally Laquerlicious. She has decided to try her hand at more than just polish, and is dipping her toes into some awesome hand care products! With her having 21 years of experience being a manicurist, she's had to have had PLENTY of experience with taking care of hands. That alone makes me love her new products, because she knows what she's doing when it comes to hands and nails. So today I want to give you a look at her new Lemon Sugar Scrub and her Lemon Hand Butter.
Now I know we all love our hands and our nails to look fabulous, especially when taking pictures to post on social media. We want them to look clean and hydrated. So if it's colder where we live at the time, or if we just are having a hard time keeping moisture in our skin for various reasons, we tend to reach for creams/lotions frequently to get rid of the dry feeling. Some of us may even reach for a sugar scrub to help remove some of the dried skin, to reveal fresh new skin. I know that lotion and sugar scrubs are a daily routine for me when it comes to my hands and nails, and now... I have found the two products that I will be using from now on! Here's a quick look at the packaging, which may change, but this is how they are for now. I have the 8oz containers, but they will also be available in 4oz containers.

Here is a size reference picture for you with a full size bottle of a Spring Prototype, which will also be available, along with 6 other prototypes, when these new products release as well. I will have another post with swatches of the polishes later for you.

(Hand Butter)

(Sugar Scrub)
I tried to take a picture to show the consistency of the sugar scrub, but since I don't normally review these kinds of products, I wasn't really sure if that was even possible, or how to do it, but I tried lol. I can at least TELL you, that I LOVE the consistency of this sugar scrub. Its got just enough sugar in it to get a good scrub with, but not too much where you can't use it but every couple days. I use this scrub EVERYDAY! It doesn't leave your hands greasy feeling like some scrubs do, but it still leaves them feeling much smoother and softer, even with one use.

So as I stated before, these are the two products that I will consistently reach for when it comes to my hand care routine. The hand butter absorbs pretty quickly into the skin, and doesn't leave that greasy feeling that most hand creams may. The Polish 'M website states that the hand butter is made with shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E. It is the perfect cream to follow up with after using the sugar scrub as well. The website states that the scrub is made from vitamin rich ingredients and is a jelly like substance so it stays on your hands while scrubbing. The two products together are simply perfect! Not to mention, they smell AMAZING! I love the Lemon scents. These products will be releasing on March 5th in the Polish 'M shop here. The hand butter will retail for $7 for the 4oz container and $12 for the 8oz container, and the sugar scrub will retail for $7.50 for a 4oz container and $12.50 for an 8oz container.
If you're a fan of cuticle oils, those will also be released as new hand care products and will be available in 9 scents! I have the Grape Crush Slush scent and it smells delicious!! I didn't include it in my review because I use a variety of oils on my hands and haven't been able to use JUST the Polish 'M oil, but when I do use it, it does absorb at a decent rate, and the smell alone make me continue to reach for it. So you can't go wrong with that either if you're in the market for a cuticle oil. For now, they will only be available in a mini 5ml polish bottle and will retail for $4.75 and you can choose your scent.
I hope you enjoyed this post. I know it was a little bit different, which is always refreshing to have once in awhile right? Be sure to follow Polish 'M on instagram @creativenailchick for all news on new releases and lots of gorgeous polishes. If you're not a member of the Polish 'M Fans group on Facebook, come join us here. It's such a fun and positive group and I love being a part of it! Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this post. Maybe some suggestions on info that I may have missed that you'd like to know about these products? I'd appreciate any feedback you could give to make future posts on these kinds of products better! Thanks so much for reading! Until next time, happy polishing! (Or moisturizing ;-P)
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