Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sweet Heart Polish & Polish TBH Halloween In The Park Duo

Hello my loves!! I know, I know.... "Where the hell have you been Brandy?!?!" Right? I have had some things going on lately in my life that I'm not ready to share just yet and I haven't felt 100%, or even 50% at times really. So I've been slacking on the polish/blogging front. I'm sorry! I hope today's post will have you forgive me though!

Today I am happy to be sharing with you a collaboration duo from two of my favorite indie makers, Sweet Heart Polish and Polish TBH! Cassandra and Christian came together to create the "Holiday in the Park" duo that is inspired by Halloween at the Disney parks! Disney? Polish? Brandy? What a perfect combination right? This collection releases today in both indie makers shops at 11am PST. So let's not waste anymore time and let's get to the polish!

First up is the creation from Sweet Heart Polish called "Mickey's Sweet Treat". This is a clear based glitter topper that includes a variety of glitters in white, orange and yellow. There are squares, triangles, mini stars, dots, hexes, and my favorite... Mickey glitters!! Come on, do a little dance with me. Mickey glitters are so cute and so fun. Cassandra has many different polishes that include Mickey glitters and I love them all so much! This polish is no different. Perfect candy corn colored mix that has a great formula with great dry time. Shown here is two dabbed coats, with placement of the Mickey glitters, over Julep "Morgan" with top coat. Now someone get me some candy corn... STAT!

(Indoor Light Box)

The second half of this duo is of course from Polish TBH called "Not So Scary Halloween". This is a black jelly polish with various glitters in purple, green and orange, and of course silver holo Mickey glitters! I love Christian's dark jelly polishes so much! I don't know how she has perfected the squishyness, but she has, and I am in love! The formula and dry time on this were great! In fact, I only used two generous coats and received full opacity! How bout them apples? Shown below is those two coats with placement of the Mickey glitters, with top coat added. Check out the squish!

(Indoor Light Box)

(Indoor Light Box)

So what do you think of this Disney Parks inspired duo? My final thoughts are that if you love Disney, and you love Halloween, then you must own these two polishes! They both have done such an awesome job with them and I am so happy to have them join my indie collection. If you would like to purchase the duo you can do so by visiting either brands shop at 11am PST today! Sweet Heart Polish's shop here, and Polish TBH's shop here. Make sure you're following both of them on Instagram for all news, updates, and more swatches! @sweet_heart_polish and @polishtbh I hope this post was one you enjoyed and that you forgive me for being MIA. I will have more posts soon, I promise! Thanks for reading, and until next time, happy polishing!
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