Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Painted Polish Frisky In Fuchsia and Drunk on Holo Striper

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Hello readers!! Today's post is full of holo sparkle! I was super excited to meet Lexi, the creator of Painted Polish, at cosmoprof last July. She is SO sweet and I enjoyed getting a chance to chat with her. I hope she makes it out again this year so that I can get the chance to talk with her some more. She also makes the most amazing polishes I've had the pleasure of owning. She is mostly known for her super sparkly microglitter polishes, but is starting to branch out into cremes and stamping polishes. While I'm in love with, and still desperately need to purchase a TON of her microglitters, I'm super excited for more cremes and stamping polishes! She has also started doing her microglitters in striping bottles which make nail art with them SO simple. I have one of those to share with you today too! So let's not delay, and let's get to the polish!
First up is "Frisky In Fuchsia", which is a pink jelly polish with silver micro holographic glitters. I'm loving this polish for more than just one reason. It's pink, squishy, and has holo! Count me in! The formula on this jelly polish is absolutely perfect too! It had a smooth easy application, and the glitters dispersed nicely over the entire nail, without having to dab anywhere to get holo sparkles on my entire nail. Love it! I did three thin, easy coats with top coat for my pictures.
Indoor Light Box

Indoor Light Box

Indoor Light Box
Next up is a fun new addition to my collection, the "Drunk Striper", which is her "Drunk On Holo" silver holographic microglitter polish in a 10ml striper bottle with a thin striper brush. This idea is genius! Glitter gradients have always kinda been a little tough for me, but the thin striper brush makes them so much easier! That's what I decided to use this striper for for this post. Using a regular sized polish brush for these types of gradients has its difficulties for me, and I always end up with too much glitter, where I don't want it. These stripers are perfect because you can get the glitter, right where you want it and it doesn't end up covering 90% of your nail. You could also use these stripers to create holo lines for nail art, or to give your French manicures extra sparkle by lining the white tip with glitter. The possiblities are endless, and I really love this idea. I used my striper over black for the gradient in my pictures below. I need all of the stripers now!

Indoor Light Box

Indoor Light Box

Here is a comparison of the two brushes, to give you an idea of what a striper brush looks like compared to a normal polish brush, in case you aren't sure. As you can see, the striper brush is longer and much thinner, making nail art super simple!

What do you think of these beautiful products from Painted Polish? My list of polishes that I want from this brand is a mile long. Seriously. I cannot imagine that I'll ever be able to complete my list lol. If you'd like to check out the other gorgeous polishes that Lexi has to offer, or to purchase your own, you can do so by visiting the shop here. Also be sure you are following on instagram @paintedpolishbylexi or that you have liked their page on Facebook here to keep up with all sales and releases of new pretties! I hope you enjoyed today's post! Until next time, happy polishing!
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