Friday, January 10, 2014

Polish TBH Meraki Collection

Yay for another blog post!! My husband is deployed and I've been feeling blah lately, but I have some pretty awesome polishes to share with you today. I was sent three polishes from Polish TBH's new Meraki inspired collection, of which there are six polishes total. I am so in love with the idea of this collection. Meraki means "doing something with soul, creativity, or love", and that is exactly the things that Chrissy puts into every bottle of polish she pours. So, without any further delay, here are the three polishes I received for swatch and review. :-) Enjoy!

First up we have Eros, the greek goddess of love, and do I ever LOVE this polish! Eros is a light purple creme based polish that has hints of red micro shimmer and also has gorgeous gold glitters throughout. The formula on this was good as well as a good dry time. There is a small issue with my bottle and a few others having tiny clumps of pigment still in them. You can see them in some of my pics, but Chrissy is aware of this and is trying diligently to get rid of them for you lovelies. :-) I honestly am so blow away by this beautiful polish that they weren't even a factor for me. :-) Shown below is three thin coats with top coat. Gorgeous!!

(taken in my light box)

(Macro of Eros in my light box)

Next in this collection is Tekhne, the greek goddess spirt of art. This is a bright, and I do mean a BRIGHT neon orange crelly with various shapes and colors of glitters, including brown, yellow, purple and orange. If you've ever tried capturing the true color of a neon polish, you know how difficult it can be and how most cameras do not want to play nice. I tried my best to get it as color accurate as possible. I got pretty close honestly. :)  This is such a fun and unique polish in my opinion. Good formula and dry time as well. Shown here is two coats on its own with a top coat. 

(So hard to capture perfectly, crazy neons! Taken in my light box)

(Macro taken in my light box)

(How fun! Blacklight and UV light reactive as well)

Finally, we have Elysium. I think Chrissy needs to make more of these types of holo polishes because this one is STUNNINGLY gorgeous!! Elysium, or Elyisian fields, which is known as the greek mythology version of the Christian based theory of Heaven is an emerald green holo polish. Let me tell you... I have been in heaven all day with this baby on my fingers for sure! I swatched it last on purpose for two reasons, one because I swatched these at night, which means, no sun, and you cannot take swatch pictures of a holo polish without a sun shot, right? So I would have to wait until the following day to get those. The second reason I swatched it last? Because even in the bottle I can tell that this polish is heavenly, (see what I did there?) and that I would want to wear it for a couple days. So I did three thin coats of Elysium with a top coat. I easily could have left it alone at two thicker coats, but I wanted three, just because I can lol. Formula on this one is good and dry time is fairly quick when doing thin coats. If you buy any from this collection... buy this one PLEASE! lol 

(taken in my light box)

(Hello Holo!! Sun shot of Elysium)

(how could I resist a macro sun shot?)

Well there you have it my dears. Three gorgeous polishes from Polish TBH.... I wish I could keep elysium on for a week, but I have to paint my nails for a Saints game tomorrow afternoon (WHO DAT?!?!) and then will be painting my nails in some sort of Disney fashion since we are heading to Disneyland on Sunday to celebrate my little man's THIRD birthday, which is Monday. Three?? Really?? Already?? :-( lol Anyway, if you would like to purchase any of these beautiful polishes Chrissy is having a pre-order through her shop here on Saturday 1/11 at 11am PST. Make sure you follow Polish TBH on instagram @polishtbh and also check her out on Facebook here to see swatches of the other three polishes from this collection. As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to follow me on instagram @polishednshined, twitter @polishednshined, and check out my Facebook page as well Polished And Shined. Also, let me know in the comments which one, two or three of these you look forward to snatching up in the pre-sale this saturday! Happy Polishing loves!!

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